What to Buy For Teenage Boys

Teenage boys are notoriously hard to buy for. They’re too old for toys (or they’re pretending to be- they’ll grow out of that) but too young for anything you might buy for an adult man. So what do you do? Buy him some socks and hope that he’ll grow used to a life where it’s the norm? Or do you want to buy him something that he’ll really appreciate?


Most teenage boys want to be cool, whether they’ll admit or not, to be admired by others is all they care about. So what better way to achieve this status than by having the latest gadget? Whether it’s an iPad or another screen for their gaming computer, they’ll be the envy of all their friends- ‘til someone else gets something better that is! Of course, many budgets don’t stretch to this- but it could be a good idea if the whole family were to pitch together.


Another way they can achieve the heights of cool is through what they wear. If you’re a mum, then you might get this horribly wrong- unfortunately it’s the teenage condition; if your mum bought it, it’s by definition uncool. However, there are some things that every teenage boy will appreciate, such as a hoody by his favourite band or sports team. If he’s smart go for a shirt, if he’s not then a cool t-shirt will work better. You can buy Carhartt t shirts at Arkive Clothing, where you’ll find a myriad of garments that a teenage boy will love.


Games, music and films are always good choices when it comes to anyone, if you get it right. Think about what they already own, and what genre they fall into, and go ask a knowledgeable shop assistant about what might work. Alternatively, gift cards can be a lifesaver as they allow you to control what he buys, but he gets to pick exactly what he wants. You could also buy him tickets for a live event, whether it’s something like Comic Con or to see their favourite band.


Another great gift is cologne, as all boys want to smell good. The tricky bit is picking which scent might be best for him, as people can be quite particular about what they smell like. Colognes vary in price so you’re bound to find something within your budget.

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