Complete Gift Guide for Men who Love Shoes

If the man you’re buying for is a shoe lover, but you’re not quite sure what to get him or where to start, then look no further. Here’s everything you might need to know to buy them the perfect gift.


A pair of beautifully made shoes will delight any shoe lover. We’re not talking something that you can pick up in any old shop, but high quality, hand stitched shoes that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s an oxford brogue or a Chelsea boot, what you’re looking for is time invested and quality of materials. Crockett and Jones are an excellent example of this, with their time honoured traditions of constructing their shoes and focus on high standards of craftsmanship.

Shoe Cleaners and Conditioner

Dirt can accumulate as you wear leather shoes, so they need regular cleaning. Silicon and resins from cheap shoe shining kits may also build up on the shoe’s surface, so every now and again you may need to clean it. The leather may also need to be fed or conditioned to make it look good. They can then go on to be polished. A quality shoe cleaner or shampoo will get rid of any accumulation, and a conditioner will nourish it, making them perfect gifts.

Shoe Polishing Kits

A good polishing kit will include a range of different coloured polishes and brushes to cater to different types of leathers and shoes. It should include a black, light brown, dark brown and neutral polish and a horsehair shining brush and a shoe dauber. A polishing kit will mean that your shoe lover will be able to take care of his shoes to the proper degree, and have good looking shoes all the time.

Shoe Trees and Shoe Horns

The proper maintenance of shoes also has to include shoe horns and trees. Shoe horns enable you to put on your shoes without bending, and shoe trees keep the shape of your shoes and support the leather uppers. They help to make sure that your shoes look as good on the last day you wear them as the first. Wooden shoe trees absorb moisture to help keep the shape and prevent creasing. Most are adjustable so whatever your shoe size, you’ll be able to have long lasting shoes.

So if the man in your life loves shoes, then buying a gift for them should be easy.

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