How to Buy Men’s Jeans Online

Jeans are the foundation of every good casual outfit, but buying online can be difficult, especially because you can’t try them on before you buy. So here are a few hints and tips to help you buy yourself or that special man in your life the perfect pair of jeans.


To make sure that your jeans fit well and look good, you’ll need to get the right measurements. First, you’ll need to measure your waist. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and wrap a tape measure around your natural waist. If you’re unsure where this might be, simply lean to one side and where the crease forms between your hips and your torso is where your waist is. This measurement is the one you should stick to, wearing anything else may be too tight or too baggy.

The inseam is the measurement where you have a little more to play with, though if you’re unsure then you should always go for something that it is too long rather than short. Run the tape measure from the top of the inside of your leg, just underneath the crotch, to an inch below your ankle.

If you’re buying jeans for someone else, then use their favourite pair of jeans- a pair that you feel fits them properly- and take the measurements from these instead.


There are a wide variety of different styles of men’s jeans out there, from slim fit to boot cut. If you know what you want, make sure you stick to it. If however, you’re searching for something different, then make sure you know what the different cuts look like and whether they’ll suit you. Think about when and where you’ll be wearing them and what kind of look you’re going for. For example, a skinny jean will have a casual, youthful look wherever you wear them; where as a dark indigo straight cut jean is formal enough to wear to work.

If you’re buying for someone else, then take a look at the style they like to wear most of the time. This should give you an idea of what they feel good in.

Check the Return Policy

Make sure you read the returns and exchange policy on the website, as you may find that your jeans don’t fit the right way. Some companies charge for returns, but not for exchanges. You may want to buy from a company that gives you thirty days for returns, so you can order multiple sizes or styles.

So whether you’re looking for men’s designer jeans or a street style brand, make sure that your online shopping experience is a breeze.

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