Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Buying for your dad can be a difficult feat. There are some dads where a DVD will do, but not your dad, your dad needs a bit more thought to go into his gift. So if you’re struggling for a worthy gift, then worry not. Simply check out our helpful hints and tips below.

The New Dad

If your dad has only just begun the journey of fatherhood, and this is his first father’s day, then you should make it one to remember. He’s probably feeling like he’s lost touch with the outside world a little bit, so a box set of that TV show everyone else is on series three of will do him a world of good. You could also buy him something baby related, but fun at the same time, like a cute baby tee with a silly slogan or his favourite film artwork.

The Single Dad

Single dads can have it hard, so it pays to make sure that he knows how much he means to you, and how much you appreciate his hard work. Buy him a cookbook, whether given with tongue in cheek or as praise at his already brilliant cooking, it will go down well with the kids as well as any potential date. Cologne or aftershave is an excellent choice that, if done right, will transform the way he feels about himself and give him a boost of confidence. You could also buy him a smart shirt to impress the ladies in, check out CP company clothing from Robert Fuller for garments with individuality and unique style.

The Retired Dad

If your dad has retired and has the good life in his hands, then it can be difficult to think of what to buy him. Whether it’s a good book or a pair of high quality pyjamas, something that panders to his pleasures is what will win him round and show him you care. You could also buy him a journal and ask him to write his life story down. This will be treasured in years to come when your kids ask about him, and you might find out some things that you didn’t know either!

The Classic Dad

The classic dad loves his golf and a glass of whiskey, so why bother with anything else? A good bottle of single malt will remind him that you know him best. High quality golf accessories are always in demand and will make him the envy of the golf course.

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