4 Unique Ideas for Wedding Gifts

If you're attending a family, friend or love one's wedding, you want to get a gift that reflects the magnitude of the occasion. According to popular wedding website, a survey of newlyweds revealed that the industry is worth a staggering £10 billion.

Therefore, after spending a small fortune on their wedding, the happy couple need all the help they can get when it comes to preparing for a lifetime of happiness.

Several couples will formulate a wedding list with goods and possessions they need in their first home. This is often done through large department stores, making it easy for guests to contribute.

However if a couple has lived together for some time, they will not be in need of more household clutter. What’s more, if you’re close to the couple in question, you want to get a more personal gift. So here are four unique ideas for wedding gifts.

  1. Experiences or days out. Rather than handing over a physical gift, why not give the recipients an experience they will never forget? Days out range from one-off experiences like helicopter rides and track days at a motor sport circuit, to more useful gifts such as cookery classes or spa treatments. Membership packages to museums, gymnasiums or national parks are also a great idea. With so many options available, you can be sure to find something the new husband and wife appreciates.
  2. Personalised gifts. Instead of simply handing over a boring homeware item that will either sit in the guest bedroom or be tucked away in a cupboard, think about personalising your gift. With the simple addition of their names and the marriage date, an ordinary present is transformed into a gift the beneficiaries will love.
  3.  Art. The typical wedding list will be full of kitchen equipment, electrical appliances and other items with a limited shelf life. These nominal goods provide a useful service, but are unlikely to evoke long-lasting memories of the wedding day. Therefore, something more substantial that does not need replacing is a better idea. A piece of art will take pride of place in the recipient’s home and represent the length of the couple’s marriage. A framed picture will also have the desired effect.
  4. Garden or green gifts. Most presents will be for the home. However, a gift for the garden has the potential to be a fantastic gesture. A simple plant or even a small tree will blossom and grow over time. As the years roll by and the seasons continually change, a potential garden centrepiece will continue to be a permanent fixture.

Buying a unique wedding gift can prove to be a hefty expense, but the sense of satisfaction for you’ll gain from knowing how much the recipients appreciate the effort you’ve made will certainly be worth it. Seeing a couple begin a new life and building a home together may even inspire you to re-organise your own possessions. For example, being able to sell designer clothes online will not only give you some much-needed space, it will also give you cash to spend on the happy couple.

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