Top Gifts Ideas for Budding Chefs

Choosing a gift can be tough. However, if your friend or loved one has some flair in the kitchen, or is even a budding chef, why not try getting them something they can use to make their cooking even better and more creative? Kitchen gadgets and high quality utensils are always handy to have, and the chefs in your life will love each of the items in this special list of the best kitchen and cooking related gifts available today.


1 - High Quality Kitchen Knives

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You can never go wrong with a set of high quality knives. Chopping things neatly is an essential skill for chefs, and with the right knives they'll be slicing and dicing in pro style. There are a few things to look for in a good kitchen knife. 

Think about what knives they already have. Someone just getting started will appreciate a full knife set - try the Wusthof selections, from a simple three knife set around £80 to a full seven blade set for around £250. On the other hand a fan of Asian style cooking will love specialty blades such as the santoku style knives, perfect for thinly slicing delicate vegetables and meats ready for sushi and other trademark dishes.


2 - Appropriate Knife Sharpeners

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Don't forget that a good knife is only useful when it's sharp. Quality knives do need honing every now and again, so a sharpener such as the Master Class sharpening whetstone allows sharpening for all types of knife for under £20. Alternatively there are specialized knife sharpening devices, which bring blades to a honed edge at exactly the right angle - Wusthof produce quality models in the £30 price range.


3 - Special Ingredients

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As any chef knows, quality food depends on quality ingredients. You can help spark new ideas and enhance their style by giving the gift of particular ingredients. These might include fine extra virgin olive oils, specially selected vinegars such as that made by Modena (around £20), dried exotic spices and other food cupboard items that are something a little special. Check that the ingredients have a good shelf life, so your gift lasts for a long time.


4 - Herbal Plants

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Fresh herbs can be expensive, so any chef will appreciate the opportunity to have a ready supply of their own home-grown herbs. Rosemary, basil, parsley, and many others can all easily be cultivated in an average sized home, both inside and outside. Seeds are the cheapest way to get started, though potted herbs are a highly convenient alternative.

5 - Plate Warmers

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Heated plates add a certain finishing touch of class to a meal, so if your cooking enthusiast friend likes to entertain guests, they'll love a convenient electric plate warmer such as the model from Divertmenti, costing £30 to £40. This model takes multiple plates at once (up to 12) in its clever cloth design, and is perfect for all sizes of home since it easily collapses to a small storage friendly size.


6 - Linen Tea Towels

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The humble tea towel may seem an odd choice for a gift - but a high quality linen type such as the Waltons Classics for around £10 for three can really make cooking more fun - they dry quickly and help clean utensils and crockery gently, ensuring that all items in the kitchen stay shiny and in good condition. Ulster Weavers produce some lovely patterned towels for under £10 each.

There are so many options for chefs that you will be sure to find something great. For each item type there are many different models on the market, so you can choose one that is appropriate for your friend or loved one's kitchen. The items in this list provide a great gift for any kind of chef - whether it's a shiny new set of knives or a simple bottle of delicious balsamic vinegar to augment salad dressings, you can't go wrong!

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