Dream Gifts for Eccentric Men

If you live or are with an eccentric man, you will know that they are...something else. Your man may be a card, a fruit loop or just plain British to others but deep down, there’s intelligence and new angle on the world. If they had their way (on their own time scale) they would probably love to have one or more of the following eccentric gifts.

A Classic Sports Car 

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No this is no Lamborghini, it’s a classic Morris Minor. This British classic economy automobile is sure to keep any eccentric man happy.

If he isn’t cruising around his Moris at a maximum of 64mph, he’ll be fixing it or merely admiring it.  What’s more, he won’t have to pay road tax on it either; this car is so old that it the British government believes it’s done it’s time with tax. It’s a win-win situation.

Chocolate Covered Bugs

Contrary to popular belief, tasty bugs are full of vitamins. Eaten in many countries around Asia, edible insects are not new. In times of famine insects offered a small amounts of protein, carbohydrates, glucose, vitamin B, calcium and minerals.

In Thai land it’s hard to find bugs that aren’t eaten by local people. Us anti-insect westerners may feel uneasy about it but these treats are good for us. I’m sure the odd-ball in your life will appreciate them. For all his bug nibbling needs, go to Lazy Bone UK.

Send a Message into Space

Apparently MIT in conjunction with Georgia Tech are planning on sending a spacecraft into space. In order to do so they need support from donations. For every donation they receive, they’re willing to take pictures and letters into space for you and place them in and around their space craft. Now that’s out of this world!

A gift from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild

This online store really knows how to sell the weird and the wacky. Plenty of quotes from the greats such as Plato, Nietzsche and Freud are among the gifts. From ‘make your own god kits’ to ‘Buddha soap on a rope’ and ‘Shiva watches’, this shop is full of eccentric fun.

He may not be the average man who wears mens prada sunglasses, but then he wouldn’t be as exciting would he? Have you got an eccentric man in your life? Come, you’re welcome!

Susannah Perez is a passionate fashion and beauty writer in her mid twenties, living a fast paced life and blogging every moment. She is a self confessed burlesque addict with a passion for, Mac makeup and London vintage style. At home she cooks, collects books and blogs for Valley Optics.

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