The World's Most Expensive BIG Boys' Toys

We all know how much boys love their toys and the bigger, better, pricier and showier the better. Whether it’s the latest Apple device, coolest headphones to show off while on the Tube to work, flashiest new TV, smartest phone or the most eye-catching kitchen gadgets, men are suckers for something that screams style. Give them something to play with as well, from remote control helicopters to feature-laden sports cars, and you know you’re onto a winner.

For all the dreamers out there, here are some of the biggest, best and most expensive boys toys ever made:

The ultimate supercar - Bugattin Veyron Supersport - $2.6m

This is a car that is designed to do more than sit in traffic jams on the way to work – but then if you had $2.6m dollars to splurge on a car then it’s unlikely you’d be queuing up on the daily commute. Described as the most expensive street-legal automobile in production in the world today, this French-built 16 cylinder beauty boasts a breathtaking 1,200 horsepower engine and a top speed of 268 mph, while it can hit 0-60mph in a staggering 2.6 seconds.

The ultimate crash pad - The Ambani family home, Mumbai - $2bn

Maybe billionaire businessman Mukesh Ambani just wanted somewhere big enough to find some quiet space away from his wife and three kids, or perhaps he was just after a way to splash out some of his $43bn fortune. Either way, the end result was impressive, laden with gadgets and more than big enough to make sure everybody knew about it. His 550ft high home is a 27-story skyscraper which dominates the skyline in downtown Mumbai and like any decent boy’s pad, it boasts a bar, both indoors and out.

The ultimate yacht - Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse - $590m

Russian oil tycoon Roman Abramovich is known for his extravagant playthings, after all he took football supporting on a level when he bought Chelsea FC to indulge in his own version of fantasy football. But some of his gadgets even leave the Chelsea wage bill in the shade, such as his famously luxurious super yacht, currently the biggest private yacht in the world. As well as the usual hot tubs, swimming pools and cinema screens, the Eclipse also comes complete with its own submarine, a missile-detection system, bullet proof glass and two helipads. And if you fancy a taste of the action, you can hire it out for just $2m a week.

The ultimate bling gadget - diamond-covered iPad - $1.2m

The iPad may already be one of the most desirable gadgets in the world and a must-have in the boys’ toys stakes, making them perfect gifts for men who love combining technology with sleek good looks. But if you want to treat someone to an iPad that will really help them get one over on their mates, then give it the real bling treatment and cover it in gold and diamonds. The work of famed jewellers Camael Diamonds, the tablet is covered with 18-carat gold, 300 carats of white diamonds and even the Apple logo is preserved in the form of black diamonds. It might not look the manliest, but it’s sure got a price tag to boast about.

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