5 Money Saving Gifts for your Frugal Friends

With the global economy showing no real signs of recovery a lot of us are trying a lot harder to save money. In fact frugal living has become a kind of hobby for some people. If you've got a friend that loves to sit back and watch the pounds roll in here are five gift ideas that they're sure to be truly thankful for.

A Tool Box

Giving someone a tool box is a great way to help them save money. Now when a water pipe bursts in your friend's home they can tackle the problem with a spanner in one hand and a screwdriver in the other.

It might not seem like a very thoughtful gift at first, but they're sure to say thanks one you remind them it can cost a several hundred pounds just to call out an emergency plumber or electrician.

Then only danger is that they over-estimated their ability with the tools and end up making the situation worse. But if they do end reducing their house to a pile of rubble at least they'll save money on their water and electricity bills.


Chickens produce eggs, and eggs cost money. Well they do unless you have your very own two legged feathery laying machine.

They make great gifts for a number of reasons. First of all they're cheap; you can pick up a fully vaccinated hen for about ten pounds. They're also inexpensive to keep and will eat pretty much anything you put in front of them.

Once you've given your friend their very own flock of chickens they'll never have to buy eggs again, which will actually save them a lot of money. They can even make a bit of extra cash by selling any extra eggs to their friends and family. And as you were the one that bought them the hens you might even get yours for free!

A Bike

Bikes are fun, and they're also cheap to run. You might have to buy the odd puncture repair kit but it certainly beats spending 50 pounds on petrol every other day.

Cycling is also a great way to get fit so if you think your thrifty buddy needs to shed a bit of weight a push bike is certainly the gift for them.

Magazine Subscription

Magazines are full of coupons, vouchers and freebies. Subscribing your friend to one of their favourite publications won't cost them a penny. All they need to do is attack each copy with a pair of scissors when it lands on their doormat. You never know, they might even read it as well.

Cash in a Card

If you don't think any of these ideas are quite right for your frugal friend just slip a fiver in with their card? A true penny-pincher appreciates nothing more than a bit of unexpected wonga.

Oliver Donald loves to buy presents. He does a lot of work for Find Me A Gift, the online unusual gifts retailer based in the United Kingdom.

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