3 Great Gadgets And Gifts For Yoga Lovers

Whether you are a yoga lover wanting to spoil yourself or you know someone who would love a yoga-themed gift, there are plenty of cool gadgets and gifts that will excite any yoga lover. It is always great to gift somebody something that speaks to their interests and demonstrates that you know them well, so if you know a yoga lover and are wondering what to get them for a birthday or the holiday season, then here are 3 great suggestions below!

1. Yoga App

If there is one thing that Apple’s Mac App and iOS App stores have going for them, it’s a multitude of yoga themed applications. If you know an Apple fanboy or fangirl that is also a yoga fanatic, then maybe gifting an app is a great idea. The best part is that it’s easily done in either app store, as long as you know their email address.

If you are looking for a yoga app for a mac user, then you really shouldn’t look further than Pocket Yoga. Pocket Yoga for Mac is a great application that showcases a multitude of yoga routines (simple enough for beginner to moderate yogis) along with soothing (but not too annoying) music and voice instructions. It’s cheap, it does the job and it’s certainly great for those who want to just whip out their laptop and do a bit of yoga here or there.

Pocket Yoga does have an iPhone/iPad app that is pretty good, but I must recommend the All-In Yoga App as the best for iPhone/iPad. It’s massive database of poses that can be arranged like playlists into classes, which makes it a great app not just for beginners but even for advanced yoga lovers. Complete with customisable relaxing music, this app may have a gaudy interface but for content it really is unbeatable.

2. Hollister Yoga Pants

Sure, Hollister Yoga pants are the height of preppy but if you can get over having Hollister stamped on yourself then they’re actually a really comfortable and well designed pair of yoga pants.

Super soft to touch and with just the right amount of stretch, these skinny fit ‘yoga leggings’ have a soft fold-over waistband and other little fit tweaks that make them a lovely pair of yoga pants. It’s a great change for many yoga practitioners who practice yoga in lycra exercise pants. While such clothing is great for running, you want a little more freedom in your clothing for yoga. These pants are great because they’re slim-fit so stay close to you, but don’t bind you in. Perfection!

3. A portable Yoga mat

Every Yoga lover needs a new yoga mat, so why not go for something that is extra portable so they can use it anywhere? You can get extra small mats that roll up with ease, but an even better idea are yoga gloves. These little gloves that you wear on your hands and feet are literally yoga mats that you can wear, making them extra small and therefore extra portable.

A contributed article by Sonia Meehan, writer of Yogapaws, the best yoga store online.

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