In the Saddle: Gift Ideas for Horse Enthusiasts

Horseback riding or equestrianism can refer to riding horses for recreation, transportation, labor, or competition. Many historians and anthropologists have estimated that humans have been riding horses for the last six thousand years! Early uses of horses mainly centered around agriculture and commerce whereas today's employment of horses is most predicated on entertainment, recreation, or competition. With this in mind, let's look at some ways in which horse riding can be enhanced with some basic and some exotic accessories!

Saddle Up!

Most horse riding accessory shops carry two types of commercial saddle - an endurance or trail saddle and a bareback saddle. Perhaps the ilk of saddle depends on one's needs but an endurance saddle should prove sufficient for most applications because it can be used on undulating trails or flat paths alike. Although bareback saddles can be markedly less costly, their application is limited because of lack of padding.

Hit the Road

For serious equestrians out there who already own a horse trailer, many accessories come to mind as excellent gift ideas. An almost essential feature for any horse trailer is a water caddy. offers an industry leading upright half moon trailer water caddy with a storage capacity of forty eight gallons! This item is reasonably priced at just over one hundred dollars. Considering the needs and value of your horses, a serviceable water caddy may not only be nice: it may be required.

Tired Out

Most purveyors of horse products understand that horses and their riders become fatigued during long trips. To remedy this situation one might consider a smorgasbord of accessories for one's horse and oneself. A muzzle feedbag might be just the ticket if you'd like to feed your horse efficiently while on a long journey when time's running low. Most muzzle feedbacks are durable, breathable, and perfectly safe for the horse.

Looking Good!

For those who love horses but might not have the opportunity, time, or finances to own and maintain a horse, there are certainly options available. A company named "Aussie Dogs" makes an incredible horse riding pair of boots for under forty dollars! The "Aussie Dogs" equestrian boots are marketed as rain boots with a swirl pattern. The rise is fourteen inches vertically and the boots are cocoa colored with a vintage tooled leather appearance. Unfortunately this offer is for women only. Sizes range from six to twelve.

Unisex Jeans

Although the previous option was mainly meant for female readers, Deluxe Trailer Rider's Jeans present a unisex option that any horse lover would neigh over. These jeans are manufactured in Vermont and rather unique within the horse rider's market. The company's purported mission is to make a pair of jeans that are as comfortable as they are faithful to horse riding. Although somewhat higher priced, these jeans are made from high quality materials that will undoubtedly allow ease and comfort in the saddle. This article has explored options for the current horse rider or for those who simply love horses. Horse riding has been around for at least six thousand years and it doesn't look like that will slow up any time soon! Giddy up and let's ride!

Katelyn Allen writes about equine health, riding and care.  Katelyn loves horseback riding with her family on the mountain trails.  She also enjoys a quick ride in the country to just escape from reality.  Katelyn used to help build her ranch and got great rates and was able to even add a few extra touches.

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