Children's Gifts for the Most Important Occasions

Throughout your kid’s life there will be many special occasions, and naturally you’ll want to celebrate these events with a carefully selected gift. Well here are some ideas to help you along the way!

Birthday Gifts

Each year a different gift, just what will you buy this time? Obviously it depends on age and gender, and of course, your kid’s tastes!

If your kid is in their infancy, any games which they can learn from are great. Games that teach them the alphabet or help them with maths are perfect for this.

But what about when they start growing up? Well, many kids are fascinated by gadgets, so how about that remote controlled car you saw the other day? But if your kid is more likely to go for anything cute and cuddly, then you could add a special soft toy to their collection.

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Christening Gifts

Chances are you’ll get a lot of these from your relatives, but you’ll also want to buy things for your newborn – probably even before he or she’s born!

A personalised encyclopaedia is both useful and fun, and can be a cherished keepsake. The idea is to centre it around the baby’s name. So if your child is called Robert Anderson, each page will have a few definitions with words that start with a letter present in his name.

This is just one creative idea, but there are a lot of other personalised christening gifts around, all with their own unique personality, just like your child.

Christmas Gifts

Tell your kids to be good if they want to see Santa this year! And make sure you put together a convincing Santa costume, although Chimneypot climbing lessons aren’t necessary, unless you really want to go for authenticity...

This is where you surprise your kids. Since you tell them to be good, you should gift them with something they really want, maybe something they have thought about for quite some time so they feel rewarded. If you are not sure, that’s why you have them write letters to Santa.

For example, if there’s a cartoon they really like watching, maybe you can buy some of the action figures, or if you want to acquaint them with technology, you could buy them a kids’ tablet.

Kids’ tablets are specifically designed to have games and applications suitable for young children. By allowing them access to a gadget such as this, you don’t need to worry about them getting in touch with the unknowns of the internet too soon, and they’ll learn from you how to use technology responsibly, rather than from someone else where you have no control.

But let’s hear it from you, from parent to parent, which present made your kids really go ‘WOW’?

Louise Blake is a new mum and aspiring writer, as a proud survivor of a recent baby shower, she writes here for Goodheart Gifts.

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