Give the Gift of Luck with Disney Chamilia Charms

Charm bracelets are a fantastic gift for a young girl who loves jewellery. Girls love dressing up and with charm bracelets they can choose which charms they like and update them whenever they like. Charms made specifically for young children like Disney charms are age appropriate and provide a unique way for kids to use their imagination. Girls can pick characters portrayed in charms from their favourite movies, with example characters being Winnie the Pooh, Nemo the fish and Tinkerbell. Charm bracelets are a classic fashion item that will not go out of fashion. Why not give your youngster something they can remember their childhood by which they can pass on to their own children eventually?

The History behind Lucky Charms

Lucky pieces of jewellery and trinkets have been worn throughout history by people who felt that the objects granted them some sort of lucky effect. Hunter gatherers might carry stones or other trinkets to give them luck for the hunt. Later on, in Ancient societies jewellery became an important part of life and a symbol of status. In medieval times necklace charms were used in the belief that they warded off evil spirits. In Victorian times however people became fascinated with jewellery and charms purely for their aesthetics. Queen Victoria herself was said to be a fan of charms and charm bracelets. Nowadays charm bracelets are manufactured for all ages, with main names in the market all vying for your business.

Why Charms make a Great Gift

Charms are so great to give as a gift because they represent something very personal. Charm bracelets can be custom designed by their wearers to their own liking. Giving someone a charm they have the option to use helps them express who they are and is a very stylish gift. Moreover, buying a single charm is a more affordable option than buying an expensive piece of jewellery like a bracelet, necklace or ring. There is such a large selection of charms on the market today that adding to someone’s collection will always be welcome. Why not choose a charm that represents a hobby, like an ice skate, clarinet or a football? Children’s charms are a particularly special gift that will last into the future.

Children’s Lucky Charms on the Market

Children’s charms are manufactured by almost anyone now and have proven to be massively popular. Typical designs include princess items, animals and fairy tale characters. 

Go online for Disney Chamilia charms for a full selection and description of various designs. 

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