Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopping For Jewelry Online

Shopping online for jewelry can have its advantages and disadvantages. Despite the disadvantages, many people prefer to shop online for jewelry. The convenience, cost savings and selection far outweigh the disadvantages to shopping online. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online to help you determine if online jewelry shopping is for you.

Advantages of Online Shopping


The selection is often better online than in stores. When shopping online, you are not restriction to local stores. Stores in other regions of the world may have a better selection of the type of jewelry the customer is seeking. For instance, a store in Israel may have a different selection of Jewish jewelry than a store in the United States. You can shop all over the nation or world to find the jewelry to meet your needs.


Discounts are often available for online purchases. Many companies want to entice you to shop online because the cost of the overall transaction is lower. When business owners save money, the savings can be passed along to you. Shopping online is advantageous for people who are searching for a good deal.


Shopping online is convenient. The online store is available 24 hours per day and seven days per week. You can perform thorough research and search 10 or more different stores before making a final selection. If you physically visited ten or more stores before making a final selection, this would be time-consuming and costly. Online shopping is simply more convenient for the customer.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Difficult to Gauge Quality

Though most online jewelry stores offer detailed descriptions of jewelry and copious pictures, it is still difficult to truly gauge the quality of a piece of jewelry. When shopping in a physical store, you can verify the carat weight or purity of the jewelry selection. Flaws and other concerns can also be determined in person. When a piece of jewelry is sent through the mail, it must be inspected and verified. If it is not right, it must be sent back.

May Select a Fraudulent Company

A fraudulent company may send out a piece of jewelry that does not match the specifications presented on the web. This can be frustrating if it is something you cannot verify with the naked eye. Inclusions in diamonds are difficult to determine with the naked eye. Ordering diamonds online, when quality is paramount, can be frustrating if the company attempts to defraud you.

Shopping for Jewelry Online Can Be Beneficial

Shopping online for jewelry is recommended if the company is reputable and will accept the jewelry back if it is not what you wanted or expected. Consider shopping online for your next jewelry purchase.

Yoram Ahdut is the owner of A shop for Jewish jewelry and Judaica gifts which is located in the heart of Jerusalem.

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