La Gloria Cubana Cigars - The Glory Of Cuba

It is no secret that a certain exclusive cachet has attached itself to Cuban cigars. After all, 80% of the world’s premium brands of cigar are sourced from this much-misunderstood island. While the U.S. still has a ban on imports from Cuba (this being  a hangover from the Cold War) this has not dented production levels. On the contrary most Cuban cigar companies are seeing an increase in sales and production, and this increase is mainly due to demand from China and Russia (where smoking in public places hasn’t been banned, unlike most of the EU).

One of the most sought after brands is La Gloria Cubana, or ‘the glory of Cuba’. This venerable cigar manufacturer was founded in 1885, changed hands in the early 1900’s and apparently ceased production for a few years in the mid-20th century though it was not long before rolling recommenced.  La Gloria Cubana cigars are produced in lower quantities than most Cuban brands, which has helped to preserve both their demand and exclusivity.

The undoubted jewel in the La Gloria Cuba crown is the Medaille D’or no.1. Although it is no longer in production, you will only get an idea of the true potential of this complex Delicados (long, slim) vitola when you have tasted a long-aged version – preferably five years and more.

Almost its equal is the Medaille D’Or no.4. This is a smaller cigar but no less satisfying. An aficionado will find perhaps an hour’s absolute pleasure in this No.4 (a Palmita), as opposed to the hour and a half of the No.1.  The former provides an infumation of orange and leather, the latter is all fruit and honey. If you can source either of these cigars you will be in for a treat you will remember for a long time.

La Gloria Cubana wouldn’t be a proper manufacturer without a Julieta (think ‘Churchill’) to its name, and the Tainos does not disappoint. This is another cigar that must be matured to be enjoyed – don’t buy unless you find a box over five years old! Nor is it a cigar that will overpower you. This is a very subtle smoke which is to be enjoyed purely as a cigar, not as a bouquet of aromas. Where some find these larger cigars simply too much, there is no doubt that La Gloria Cubana Tainos is an excellent mild cigar for newcomers to cigar-smoking.

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