Top Gadgets and Gifts for the Audiophile

It can be tricky to buy gifts for audiophiles. Their keen hearing can find imperfections in any surround system or music setup, and they tend to keep up with the latest sound and music technologies. However, there are a few gift ideas out there that will have flown under their radar, and even they will be impressed by the quality of choice on this gift shopping list.

X-Mini II Capsule Speaker - £14.99 Image taken by Ferrari + caballos + fuerza = cerebro Humano  on Flickr

Some portable speakers can be tinny, too quiet and have poor battery life, but even the pickiest of audiophiles will find it hard to fault this mini wonder. Weighing only 82g, the X-Mini II delivers exceptional sound quality and it is seriously loud. The X-Mini II also has a very unique design as one speaker can be plugged into other X-Mini IIs via the 3.5mm connection cable, so owners can join and sync multiple speakers to create a booming surround sound experience. Costing around £14.99, these speakers are an absolute must for music lovers. Apple TV - £80

Image taken by 池田隆一 on Flickr

Bring audiophiles into the 21st century with a nifty Apple TV box. Don't let the name fool you; this handy little gadget can wirelessly stream music from iPods, iMacs and iPads, as well as play movies and TV shows. It's a great way to clear up some trailing hi-fi and speaker wires. Even the most keenly eared audiophile will struggle to tell the difference in quality between Apple TV's wireless streaming and their trusty, wired setup. There are similar devices on the market, but the easy to use interface and reasonable price tag of £80 makes Apple TV one of the best ways to stream music. Stereophile Magazine Subscription - £22

Sound aficionados like to keep up with the latest technologies and find out what brands are the best on the market, so why not give them a gift subscription to a magazine dedicated to sound performance? Showcasing new audio equipment and featuring in-depth articles and reviews, Stereophile is definitive reading material for every audiophile. Although the magazine is based in the United Sates, an international gift subscription for Streophile costs a very reasonable £22. The subscription is for 12 months, so it is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Audio-Technica ATH M50 - £129.99

Image taken by Five Wun O Clothing on flickr

It can be a risky gambit buying a new pair of headphones for an audiophile. They are the essential gadget of choice for music lovers, and audiophile's typically have a trusty brand or pair that they have been using for years. However, after one minute with this pair of Audio-Technicas, even the pickiest of listeners will agree that the sound quality is unbeatable. Designed for professional music monitoring and mixing, they are the sound industry's choice. Offering comfort for long listening sessions, convenience (they have a collapsible design) and truly outstanding sounds levels with isolation technology, they are well worth the £129.99 price. Whether you are looking for a cheap stocking filler or an expensive birthday present, the gifts on this list are sure to impress the ears off even the most highly-tuned of audiophiles. Now all that you need to worry about is singing 'Happy Birthday' to them in the right key.

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