Brilliant Gift Ideas For Every Family Member



Well, it is that time of year again. Actually, when you think about it, it is always that time of year. There is constantly someone who you need to buy a gift for.

“Don’t forget, it’s Jen’s Graduation next week.”

“Remember, father’s day is coming up!”

“Hey, happy you just got a new car day!”

It can seem like you are constantly going to the shop looking for the next one. It certainly does not help that some people are an absolute pain to buy for. Well never fear because, we have got your back. Whether you are looking to spend as little money as possible or find something truly unique you are certain to find the right gift here. Shall we run through a few ideas then?

It’s the thought that counts

This is perfect if a) you have no idea what to get someone or b) you do not want to spend a lot of money. The best choice is the handmade gift. This could be a handmade gift voucher. For example one year we had no idea what to get my dad for father’s day. We organised a golf game at a course with his friend and printed off an invitation. The golf game was £40 and the look on his face when he did not receive another pair of socks was worth it. Luckily, you can now find plenty of ideas for Father’s Day gifts online.

You can also cut out the gift completely by spending a lot of time and effort on a handmade card. Be creative. Draw a picture or add family photographs. Try and write a poem. If you make it something that is worth keeping for life then it counts as a gift.

Not creative? Then a perfect choice for you could be a picture frame. No, we do not expect you to hand-carve a picture frame, buy one from the shops. Then make it personal with a special family photograph. You could even get the frame engraved with a meaningful message. If you are lazy, you can buy one that comes with a message already written on.

Games, DVDs, Blu-rays, Music

Ah, the easy option. you would think. It is simple to pick a film, cd or game someone will love right? Wrong. It has to be the right one and how will you know? You can hope they will drop a helpful hint in polite conversation but what are the chances you were listening when they said it?

Here is our advice if you are buying music. Opt for a record. Records have that nostalgic appeal for mums and dads and vintage coolness for kids. If you are shopping for parents, pick a band they loved when they were young. It will be the one you hate them playing in the car. Parents, you get the easy option. Most modern bands and artists like Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy release their new albums on Vinyl. You will be able to purchase one from their online stores.

Buying a film? The safe way to deal with this is to buy an upgrade. For example, if you know your dad has his favourite film on DVD then just purchase the Blu-Ray. Then when you are watching it together, point out the improved picture quality and watch your fathers bemused expression. Yes, dads will not always see the added appeal of HD. Another solution is to get a box set of their favourite tv show or film series. This is a particularly good idea if you know they are missing some titles from their collection.

It used to be easy to buy for a gamer. You could go into a gaming store, and they would be more than happy to give you advice on what to buy for your son or daughter. Now there are fewer and fewer of these types of stores around. Therefore, your best option is to check sites like IGN and buy the one of the games with the best review.

Gifts You Should Avoid



These are cliche and should be avoided at all costs. Flowers should not be bought unless you are going to a funeral or apologising for doing something wrong. Or, possibly valentines day. These are the only times you should buy flowers. Why? They die and do not last. However, there is a way to get around this. Some sites offer bouquets with a vase included. The flowers are disposable, but the receiver can keep the vase forever.

Chocolates are also a bad idea. The main reason for this is if the person is on a diet you have bought them a slap in the face. Also, you have to take allergies into account that you may not be aware of. This is why buying food in general for someone you do not know well is a bad idea.

Unique Ideas

There is a way to make the gift of flowers rather unique. You can buy flowers that have been preserved. These will last for years and are a wonderful gift if you want someone to remember a special occasion.

You could also look into organising a trip. We are getting a little more expensive now. But is there somewhere in the world you know they want to go but have never been. Then get online and start researching prices and packages. A trip is not just a gift, it is a life experience. You can also mix this with something handmade. If you are not able to purchase the trip before someone’s birthday write an invitation.

Or, why not an improvement to their home or room. If you are thinking of a gift for your son or daughter, you could consider a new bed. You would be surprised how welcome this particular gift will be, particularly if they are still in school.

Or, you could consider finally instaling that jacuzzi your wife has been asking for. As we said, these ideas are on the luxurious side. But if they are worth it, we are sure you are willing to pay for it.

We hope you have found these ideas helpful and when you next buy someone a gift you are rewarded with that magical look of delight.

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