A Gift Guide: Buying Gifts For Babies

Buying gifts for babies can either be seen as one of the hardest or easiest gift buying experiences. The main point is that the recipient is not old enough to appreciate a gift in the same way as an older child or adult would. Some people may see this a good thing as it means there is less pressure and their options for presents are a lot wider. Others may find it taxing. How do you select a gift for someone who doesn’t even know it is their birthday, christening or another special occasion?

Whether you view it as easy or hard, this guide will help you to buy the right gift for that little baby.

Ask your friends. Most people will have bought presents for babies before, so ask your family and friends for suggestions. If you are stuck for ideas, or have too many to choose from, these people can help you boost or reduce your options.

Ask the parents. It may seem like you will be ruining the element of surprise, but if you are struggling, you could ask the baby’s parents for advice on what to buy for their child. They may suggest something practical; an item that would make their lives a lot easier as parents. Or just something that is fun. Either way, this kind of advice can give you some direction to your gift hunt.

Check out gift websites. Some online gift retailers, for example,, have sections dedicated to gifts for babies. The gifts listed on these sites will sell well (otherwise they wouldn’t be there) and, therefore, you can rely on them being excellent ideas. Most of these sites will also have a blog where you will be able to find even more advice and suggestions on buying gifts for infants.



Choose something classic. There are particular gifts for babies that will never go out of fashion. These are gifts that you will have had as a baby and, in fact, might still have. Examples of this type of gift include teddy bears, christening bracelets and children’s dinner sets. Because these are nostalgic gifts for most, they usually go down well with the parents, and the baby as he or she gets older.

Or, something modern. If you would prefer your gift to be more up to date, you might like to get a state of the art baby toy or gadget. For example, the Baby Gigl. This is the first smart bottle for babies to be invented. It uses motion sensors to detect the angle the bottle is being held at in order to prevent the baby from gulping down painful air bubbles. Something like this would certainly be a statement gift.

Buying gifts for tiny human beings, whether you find this easy or hard, will require some thought and effort. However, by asking the right people and using the right sources for advice or picking a classic or modern option, we hope you find the right present for the special baby.

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