6 Awesome Gift Ideas for Adventure Lovers

When it comes to birthdays, it is always a struggle to find something unique. It’s always the same presents: chocolate, wine, and a gift card. Fear not, we have compiled the best gift ideas for your adventure-loving friends! Trust me, you’ll be the favourite from now on.

1. Collapsible Kitchenware

Your adventure lover will love these room-saving miracles! Scour the internet for pots, pans and kettles to find the perfect kit for those always on the go. These are perfect for long hikes, camping, and just any adventurous activity. Not only will you find collapsible cooking equipment, but also mugs, bowls, and more crockery. No need to splash the cash either, there are plenty of bargains on the internet!

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2. GPS Recording Cameras

If you want to splash the cash, a GPS recording camera is the perfect gift to capture the action. You will no longer have to explain to your friends about your awesome weekend - just show them. These capture your speed, current elevation, and location. Finally, some proof of your wild adventures! Maybe now your friends will believe you ran down a mountain last weekend.

3. Water-Resistant Speakers

A chance to kick-back outdoors in a hammock, or blast your music down the slopes. Adventure lovers will fall head-over-heels for water-resistant speakers. Sometimes you just need a song to feel the moment, and this is the best product to fill that void. Perfect for those family outings or camping trips. Or, hang out in the middle of nowhere and relax after a long day of gruelling challenges.

4. Shockproof Phone Case

It's important to keep your (expensive) smartphone protected when embarking on crazy adventures. Invest in a shockproof or waterproof phone case, keep your technology safe. When heading off on your wild trips it’s important not to forget to look after your equipment. For this, avoid trying to find the best bargain. It's not worth the risk of damaging your fancy technology for the sake of saving a few quid.

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5. Helicopter Rides

The perfect experience for all adventure lovers out there. A family day out, an adventure for two, or go it alone. Take a trip around a variety of locations by jumping on board a themed ride, with companies like Pleasure Flights Ltd. Some of these helicopter rides even start from country pubs that serve up delicious food (bonus). Although you may want to eat after you've flown. Bring out the adventurer within you, or buy as a gift for your bold friends.

6. Underwater Camera Mask

Now this isn't just for the adventure lovers out there; it's a gift for all. Take a swim in an exotic sea, go scuba diving, or just mess around in the pool. This gift is the must-have holiday item. Working as both a camera and an underwater mask, it's multipurpose and practical. No more holding your temporary underwater camera while trying to swim.

Now we have planted the ideas in your head; it’s up to you to treat your friends or family. Failing that, you could always buy these things for the adventure lover in you. Especially if you’re going to end up with a gift voucher again this year.

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