Great Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Father’s day is approaching, and that means many people everywhere are in panic mode. Buying gifts for Dads, and men in general, is notoriously difficult. But fret no further gift hunters, as we have some excellent present ideas for lots of different Dads. We hope you find an idea or two in here that sounds right up your Father’s street. Let’s get started!


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Sporty Dads

If your Dad is into his fitness, how about treating him to one of the latest gadgets in the sporting world?

  • We love the Fitbit, a device that records how many steps you take each day. Additionally, the Fitbit syncs with your smartphone to give you much more detailed information on your progress, like calories burned.

  • There’s also the PGA Tour Putting Mat that will please any golf enthusiast who wants to sharpen their putting skills when they are off the course.


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Artistic Dads

Does your Dad love anything creative? Is his home filled with photographs, paintings and sculptures? If so, you may wish to consider these great gift ideas for him.

  • How about a copy of the first edition of his favourite book? There are some online bookshops that specialize in first edition books, some of which are even signed by the author. If you are looking for something extra special and have a decent budget, this could be the perfect gift for your creative Dad.

  • The Lomography Konstruktor Flash DIY camera is an excellent present for any photography loving Dads out there. The gift recipient must assemble the camera from scratch (instructions are included). This will give your Dad a great insight into how cameras work.

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Travelling Dads

If your Dad travels a lot for business or pleasure, you should have a think about these unique presents for him:

  • A travel wallet that doubles up as an iPhone charger. This will allow your Dad to keep all his travel documents in one place as well as the ability to top up his phone’s battery on the go. Genius!

  • Portable speakers are another super present idea for travelling Dads. When lazing by the pool or relaxing in his hotel room after a hard day, he can listen to his favorite music via a set of wireless or Bluetooth speakers.


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Foodie Dads

Does your Dad spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else in the home? Does he love cooking up a storm for his family and friends? Check out these gift ideas for culinary enthusiasts.

  • With a smoker, your Dad can smoke all sorts of different foods including meats, fish, vegetables and cheese. It gives a distinct and delicious flavour to all these ingredients and is is a new and interesting way of cooking. You can buy smokers from many kitchenware stores, but your best bet is to search for products online.

  • A family recipe book will not only make a great present for your dad; it will also benefit the rest of the family. With this book, your Dad can put all his recipes on to paper. And with these creations written down, everyone else in the family can steal them!

We hope you find a gift that makes your Dad smile this Father’s Day.

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