5 Perfect father's Day Gifts

Socks, underwear, ties, golfing memorabilia (even though he has never played golf in his entire life!). The list is near endless, and reads like a shopping list for grandad!

When did Father’s day get so predictable? The word boring is probably more apt, more leaves more room for hurt feelings. Do you know what fathers actually want for Father’s Day, apart from being left alone with the TV and a 6 pack?

They want to feel like that they are still manly men capable of scaling buildings, instead of feeling as though they are slowly being put out to pasture with a pipe and slippers.

Whether he fancies himself as the next James Bond, Gordon Ramsey or thinks he can build a house using nothing except a pack of chopsticks and tub of glue. There is bound to be the ideal gift out there somewhere for him.

What follows then are 5 perfect gifts that he will actually love! You can thanks us later. With cocoa and boiled sweets.


1 A genuine Moscow Mule copper mug

Um, what? No really, copper mugs are absolutely perfect for him! Not just any old, copper plated mug either. Copper mugs keep cold liquids much colder for much longer, which makes them perfect for beer, spirits or anything else that fancies putting in there.

Shove one in the freezer for a few hours, and he will never go back to using a chilled glass ever again - far too mainstream!

2 Zombie warfare

Yes, really. Give him a day he will never forget (but hopefully survive), as he battles legions of the undead armed with a shotgun (a paintball one).

Nothing gets the heart racing quite like a horror movie, so what would be better than that? being in one, obviously, with a zombie experience day.

3 The briefcase grill

What says ‘dad’ better than a briefcase? A barbecue-barbecue, that’s what. This stainless steel piece of genius engineering has a charcoal pit inside. It is also light enough to be carried out to anywhere dad may feel like retreating to with the massive steak that you will also get. Probably.

4. Drink rocks

The next time pops asks for whiskey on the rocks, you know to do. There isn’t much that screams ‘manly’ quite like a rock. Or something. Anyway, these rocks can go straight from the freezer to your drink. Helping to keep your drinks cold, without watering them down this is ideal for anyone that likes the rocks without the water.

5 The Many-tools-in-one-system

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Instead of buying him one tool, buy them all. Nearly, anyway. You know you will be calling him at the weekend, for the foreseeable future, to fix random stuff around your house so why not provide the tools?

And there you have it, 5 manly gifts for a manly dad. Don’t be make this Father’s Day boring, surprise him with something different and original. No, not that he’s adopted. Don’t be silly.

Image credit: Flickr

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