Top Gift Ideas For New Mothers

It’s an amazing time when a friend gives birth – suddenly a member of your group has a child and the whole dynamic changes. Your conversations will switch from TV soaps to what the new baby has been doing almost instantly and all of you will get a perfect insight into your futures – without having to deal with the stress yourselves.

Of course though if you’re going to share in the joy of a new child then you need to be a good friend and share in the celebrations too – which means gift giving. And to stand any chance at being the favourite surrogate Aunt of the group, you’re going to need to get creative and give something good. Here then we’ll look at a few suggestions to help you win some brownie points...

Cuddly Toys                                     

Gifts for new Mothers really fit into two categories – gifts that are given to the Mother for the Mother, and gifts that are given to the Mother for the child. The cuddly toy fits into that latter category giving the new baby something soft to love, but at the same time benefits the Mother by keeping the child happy and chewing something that they can’t choke on while they get some rest.

Spa Day

Giving birth is no mean feat, and the new Mother from your group is likely to feel quite a bit as though she’s been through the ringer. A spa day then can be the perfect remedy, and if you all go together it can be a great activity that the whole group can enjoy.

Personalized Gifts

Obviously giving birth is a very happy time and a time that the Mother is likely to want to remember. As such then any kind of commemorative gift that can be used to mark the occasion will be well timed, and things like photobooks or personalized mugs can be a great way to help them to remember the day and to keep their new baby young forever more.

Exercise DVD

This might be a risky gift, so you’ll need to assess the mood of the Mother. If she seems keen to get back into shape and lose the baby fat, then it might be just what she’s looking for an be a great way to help her regain her confidence again – which is a pretty valuable gift.


Clothes for the baby are something your friend is likely to spend a lot of money on over the coming years thanks to their rapid growth rate and tendency to dribble food down themselves. As such then they will no doubt be highly grateful for any clothing that comes their way to help, and if they make the baby look extra cute or help to keep them warm and comfortable then that’s a huge added bonus.


Sometimes the simple ones are the best, and a great bottle of champagne can be a great way to celebrate – especially as she’ll now finally be able to let herself go and enjoy some alcohol without worrying about how it’s going to affect the baby.

Lisa Robinson is an expert healthcare professional and an avid photographer. She recommends banner printing services provided by Vistaprint.

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