Top Gadgets for Big Kids

When it comes to birthdays and Christmas, some people are really hard to buy gifts for. With others, however, their style and personality make it easy to choose the perfect present. 

If the person you are shopping for is a 'big kid' (and let's face it, we all know one), then you need to be looking for retro items, colourful gadgets and clever games. Their face will light up if they unwrap a present for you containing any of the gifts below, so read on.

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Many big kids are also computer whizzes. They already have all the latest technology, so to shop for them you have to think outside of the box. They want something functional but which also has the geek factor. Gadgets are what is called for.

The Ninja USB Stick costs around £20 and combines a 4GB thumb drive with a red, silicone model ninja. Suitable for almost any computer, the cute figure allows its owner to transfer data from computer to computer in style.

If ninjas aren't their thing, what about this Glow In The Dark Lego-style USB stick. At around £15 it will be easy to find in a darkened room or bag, and allows for 4GB storage with a USB 2.0 plug. It is also available in the non-glow in the dark options of red, blue or clear plastic. 

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Phones are essential pieces of kit these days, but the big kid wants theirs to stand out and catch attention. Fortunately there are some wonderful options for letting them answer their calls while meeting their needs. 

The Moshi Moshi POP handset is available in bright and cheerful colours (pink, purple, green, yellow, blue, red and black) and is inspired by 1950s telephone designs. It plugs into virtually any mobile phone and allows the user to chat in vintage style. Additionally, the Moshi Moshi POP handsets have USB cables so that they can connect to a computer instead of a phone, to make VoIP and Skype calls. These bold handsets are stylish, fashionable and really stand out. At just £24.99, they could be the ideal gift for the big kid in your life, and for an extra £35, the handset is even available in gold.

It's not all about mobile phones, and for a trendy landline option, you need look no further than the Jasper Morrison DP01 phone for Punkt. Available at £189 and in red, black or white, this digital cordless telephone offers the user the chance to use caller ID and intercom features and it can store 100 numbers in its internal phonebook.


Bright colours are a good bet when shopping for a big kid, so take a look at the George Nelson Red Oval Ceramic Clock at £195. This clock has a minimalist, retro design, which could take pride of place in any modern room. Developed in the 1950s but never produced until now, anybody with an eye for style and colour would adore this.

Many adults remember their childhood comics with fondness, so a large Beano canvas print would bring joy and happiness to anyone who received it. At 140cm x 100cm, the depiction of a genuine Beano comic from the 1970s will invoke happy nostalgia in everybody who sees it.

Image courtesy of bfishadow on Flickr

Let's Get Physical

If you are looking for a more substantial gift, then choosing something which the recipient can use with their entire body is ideal. This way, they will be totally engaged with the present and will really cherish it.

The first possibility is the RS #2 Football Table. While this is at the higher end of the gift budget at £2,995, the outstanding quality and the amazing potential for fun make it absolutely worthwhile. Available in red, white, black or silver, you can even choose which football teams are represented on the table.

More affordable at £625, but equally as awesome, the Vortex Air Hockey Table is a worthy competitor to the football table. It is full size and professional quality, and as well as an air fan, it also offers a digital scoreboard and sound effects. Ideal for games between either 2 or 4 players, this air hockey game would be incredible for any big kid to have in their home.

These gift options for big kids are so amazing that the recipient of any of them will truly feel that all their birthdays and Christmases have come at once! Bright, geeky, technological and retro types are all catered for – the only dilemma left is which gift to choose!

This article was written on behalf of The Conran Shop who have a wide selection of contemporary gifts at reasonable prices.

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