5 Fun and Affordable Housewarming Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

A housewarming gift is a great way to congratulate newlyweds on the beginning of an exciting chapter of their lives together in a new home. Ideally this gift will allow you to have an impact on their home with a thoughtful gift that they will use often and think of you every time! A housewarming gift should help the couple start their new life together so you want it to be as unique as they are! However, sometimes these gifts can become cliche and expensive. Get them something unique that they didn’t think of on their registry. Here are 5 ideas for fun and affordable housewarming gift ideas you can give to the newly weds in your life.

  1. A great way to congratulate your newlyweds on their marriage and contribute to the decor of their home is with a picture frame. You can choose something simple but make it extra special. Find a frame with space for two landscape photographs of whatever size you desire, ideally in a foldable shape. Then, print a photo of the beautiful couple on their wedding day. You can choose to print in color, sepia tone, or even black and white. Place this photo on one side of the frame. Next, get a copy of their wedding invitation. Have this cut down to size to fit in the other picture space. Having this unique picture frame will allow them to remember their special day frequently. This will add great decor to their home, no matter the style they prefer, and will make it feel much more warm and personal.
  2. Nothing says family fun like games! If these newlyweds are playful and carefree, consider buying them a few classic board games to start off their collection. Games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Clue, Scattegories, or Pictionary will make their new place feel more like home and give them an excuse to kick back and relax amidst the chaos of a wedding and moving. Plus, maybe it will prompt some fun game nights so you can all get together in their new home for some good laughs!
  3. If you are even the least bit crafty, you can make coasters as housewarming gifts! This does not take a lot of skill, just some patience and thoughtfulness. Purchase some corkboard from a local craft store and cut the pieces into small circles, large enough for a wine glass or mug to rest comfortably on top. Then, you can buy mailbox letters to spell out their initials. These will stick right onto the cork and can be found at any hardware store. Once these are firmly pressed on, choose an acrylic paint. Consider your friends’ favorite colors or the color scheme in their new home. Paint the cork surface with this color or you can even paint a fun design, depending on your artistic abilities. Make about 10 of these and tie them up with a bow for a great DIY gift that is personal and inexpensive.
  4. A menu book is another cute idea to help warm up a home. These gifts can be purchased at some gift or novelty stores. You can also make one yourself if you so choose. Collect menus from lots of local restaurants and take out food joints. This will give them instant access to Chinese food, pizza or sushi options. It will also help them to get acquainted with their local area when they are first moving in. Plus, take out is usually a great option for dinner when a kitchen is not get set up or fully moved into yet!
  5. Finally you can create “starter kits” for the newlyweds. You can make a few or choose just one. Starter kits can be created for the kitchen or even for tools. For the kitchen, purchase a large glass cookie jar. Then, fill the jar with kitchen essentials such as dish soap, hand towels, a spatula, a sponge and any other items you think will be helpful! Tie a bow around the top to make it look extra special. If you want to make a tool kit, you can buy a tin bucket. Again, fill with necessary home tools like a hammer, a level, nails and screws, extension cords and more! These gifts are not only thoughtful and unique but also super useful around the house!

The newlyweds in your life likely want to purchase home essentials like decorations, comforters at Camo Trading, and throw pillows on their own to fit their own style and preferences. However, you can still help add some charm and love to their home with unique and thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank! Whether you make DIY coasters, assemble a kitchen starter kit, or buy them a set of board games, these housewarming gifts are fun and will be sure to make these newlyweds think of you warmly each time they use your gift!

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