Top Secret Santa Gift Ideas Straight From Lapland

It is the time of year where gifts need to be bought for friends, family and colleagues. Many companies put a secret Santa in place to ensure everyone at the office gets a Christmas gift. This does not only have to be at work, I've enjoyed doing this with friends and family for many years.

Chances are that your Christmas table is not only family, you invite friends and some acquaintances along as well. Christmas always works on the more the merrier. This can be a costly exercise but with great secret Santa gift ideas, you can make the entire experience fun.

Save Money

Have a chat to your friends. If each of you intend buying a gift for each other, this can be expensive. You are probably trying to save as much as possible this Christmas spending your hard earned money on gifts for your children and family members. The secret Santa idea has always worked for me. Pull a friends name out and buy for that person only, this means everyone gets a gift and everyone gets to save some cash.

Set a Price

Whether you are setting up a gift drive for work or with your friends, always set a price. It is not fair if some buy expensive gifts and others don't. A price is essential for the idea to work, this way you can choose from top quality secret Santa gift ideas and work to a budget.

Make it Fun

At our Christmas table we always use secret Santa gift ideas for presents. We know how many people are going to be at our table and how many are male and female. We get each person to buy a gift for a particular sex and then we play pass the parcel around the table. It is such fun and makes an enjoyable experience out of it, rather than just handing the presents out to the people they are intended for.

I even introduced this idea at work and we love it. During our Christmas function we all get together armed with our gifts and throw them into a huge Santa sack. Then everyone grabs one out of the sack with red for girls and blue for boys and we play pass the parcel, it is so funny to watch and everyone really enjoys themselves. Why not add some fun and sparkle into the Christmas experience.

Great Affordable Suggestions

The best thing these days is secret Santa gift ideas don't have to be dull and boring. If you shop online you can find a host of exciting gifts to add to the list. From fun gifts to chocolates, believe me they are all well appreciated and you can find them with ease within your set budget.

It is advisable to arrange a secret Santa in advance. If you are at work give colleagues plenty of time to plan and if you are doing it at home at the Christmas table warn your guests. This way everyone is aware of it, they know the budget and can plan accordingly.

Many adults feel it unnecessary to buy gifts for friends, this is understandable especially in the current climate. But when you arrive for Christmas day with friends you always find one person went against the rule and bought gifts. This leaves you feeling really embarrassed that you didn't buy anything. This is why secret Santa gift ideas are the best solution for these instances, everyone gets a gift and no one spends a fortune buying them.

You need to lay the ground rules down early though to ensure everyone is going to abide by them. Adding a fun game to the mix and getting everyone involved just makes the secret Santa experience special. I know you won't admit it, but you probably struggle with your secret Santa gift ideas and never know what to buy. Now you can pop online and find these with ease and within budget to offer your friends and colleagues fun gifts that they can enjoy.

Always stick within budget when looking for secret Santa gift ideas. Buying online can help keep your gift affordable and offers you a wide variety to choose from

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