Gifts That Will Make Your Man a Hero

Have you ever known a man to not imagine he’s driving a F1 car sometimes when popping to the shops, consider himself to be spy material when watching James Bond, or pretend he’s a rock legend while playing the air guitar with the stereo turned up on full? If you think that the answer to these is ‘no’, then you may need to think again because it’s quite likely that at least one of these is true and if not, there will be something similar. Although the reality may really be quite difference of course, there is no harm in indulging your man’s imagination a little so he can have a little fun. There are some gifts that can help enhance your man’s fantasies so he can become a hero a little more often.

A Day on a Racetrack

If your man dreams of crossing the line ahead of the rest of the field when the chequered flag is being waved, why not give the opportunity to do it for real. Some companies give people the opportunity to drive real racing cars on real race tracks, even if only for an hour or so, enabling them to get so much closer to the real experience. A wide range of cars can be driven ranging from old banger cars to brand new Ferraris. You can even get to drive on the same tracks that are used for the real events, making a day on the track the perfect gift for somebody that dreams about being a track legend.

Pull the Trigger

If your man imagines that he could put a stop to the dastardly deeds of Dr. No and Goldfinger, why not let him find out just how capable he may be at saving humanity? Of course, even if they were not fictional characters going up against them for real would be unwise for all but James Bond himself, but your man could still have a chance to get behind the weapons that 007 uses. Firing ranges allow people to use real weapons to see just how accurate they can shoot and whether or not they are likely to hit evil megalomaniacs or miss them. If it turns out your man can’t shoot a baddie from the other side of town after all, at least they may have some fun making some loud noises with a gun.

If just shooting at a stationery target is not enough of a challenge, then why not try paintballing instead. With paintballing you get to compete in environments that would make realistic battlefields and you could get a feel of what it feels like to be involved in a real battle. If the man in your life does fancy himself as the next man to work alongside Q & co, a gift of a trip to a firing range or paintball park might help them give it some deeper thought.

Guitar Hero

If your man imagines himself on stage in front of tens of thousands of adoring fans, you can let him live that fantasy also. Guitar hero is a popular game that lets players embark on a career to become a rock deity, and those with just a little imagination can really get quite involved. Rock stardom doesn’t have to be limited to just the guitar as headphones mean that people can practice all they like without bothering anybody. Electric pianos electric and drum kits, for example, can allow the player to close their eyes and imagine they are performing in front of a packed Wembley stadium while the rest of the household can concentrate on reading a book or watching the latest episode of EastEnders. You could also consider a karaoke microphone although this may not always be a wise decision, unless you are willing to disturb the neighbours along with the local wildlife. 

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