5 Fun and Educational Gift Ideas for Brainy Kids

If you’ve got a particularly precocious child on your hands, chances are you might run into some trouble when it comes time to give a gift. Whether this is your niece or nephew, your son or daughter or just a family friend, it’s going to be a continuous challenge to come up with something a brainy child will find engaging and interesting for more than a few minutes. There are kids out there that read several grade levels above their age group, that master complex video games they have no business even understanding and seem bored by the filmed entertainment that has their peers rolling on the floor with laughter. How do you surprise and excite a child like this? If you don’t want your present to fall flat, consider trying out one of these five fun and educational gift ideas for brainy kids.

Puzzles are a fantastic choice, especially for the more brainy children in your life. You’ve probably seen this child plow through a jigsaw puzzle that would leave you scratching your head. So how do you keep things interesting? Consider having a custom made puzzle put together as a fantastic gift. You can take a picture of the gift receiver, or even choose a photograph that the child took himself. Head to Shutterfly, where you’ll be able to craft puzzles out of any of these photos. And the best part is you’ll be able to choose the amount of pieces, so it will be sufficiently complex for a brainy kid.

Another fantastic option is a microscope. If this brainy child has any interest at all in science a microscope will be a huge hit as a present. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase a quality version. The cheaper microscopes are too simplistic, and a smart child will quickly outgrow its capabilities and become annoyed. Invest in a microscope he can progress with and you’ll have a seriously happy child on your hands.

If the brainy kid you’re shopping for likes to dream about adventures in the wider world instead of something so micro, think about picking up a gorgeous globe as a present. A globe paired with a classic map will be perfect for any child who is passionate about archaeology, history, geography or foreign cultures. This is a nice option because it isn’t terribly expensive, and the gift receiver will get hundreds of hours of excitement out of it. You can keep adding to this gift over time as well, sending the child postcards from various gorgeous locations or picking up books that highlight some of his favorite points on the map.

As long as your brainy kid is old enough to be trusted with it, consider an electronic kit as a unique gift idea. Electronic kits will give the aspiring scientist or technologist the chance to experiment with building circuits and wiring small devices. You might even be able to find a kit for the younger children if you’re concerned about your child playing with electricity. But it’s all pretty harmless, unless you’ve got a real genius on your hands.

Finally, consider a larger gift for big occasions, such as a tablet with some educational apps. Ipods make for incredible presents for things like major birthdays and graduations, and you’ll find literally thousands of apps that will keep a child occupied for the rest of the year. There are Baby Einstein games, drawing platforms and plenty of educational tools that are both fun and engaging. Just set him up with some pre-loaded options and the kid will be more than happy to take it from there.

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