5 Essential Baby Shower Registry Items for Expectant Moms

When a woman knows that she’s expecting, it’s definitely one of the most important and exciting times of her life. In just a matter of months (or even weeks), the baby that she’s been carrying will become a part of her home as well as her life. For this reason, all of her family and friends are more than happy to throw a party that is known as a baby shower.

And while getting a lot of cute clothes is always welcome, the reality is that oftentimes a child is not able to wear even half of the outfits that they receive before they are too large for them. So, in order to make sure that they baby (as well as they mom) gets exactly what they need, it’s a wise idea to have a baby shower registry at a couple of your favorites stores.

If you’re wondering about what some of the essential baby items should be on the list, we’ve enclosed five absolute must-haves below:

Sleep gowns and onesies. Again, baby clothes are cute but for the first several weeks of your baby’s life, they’re going to spend a lot of their time sleeping. Therefore it’s best to register for several sleep gowns and onesies instead. The best thing about both of them is that they’re comfortable and convenient, especially when it comes to diaper changes.

Baby toiletries. Something that you definitely will not be able to get enough of are baby toiletries. By this, we mean things like baby wash, baby lotion, diaper rash cream and also baby wipes. If you would prefer the kind that are eco-friendly, Baby Earth and Baby Ganics are two websites that carry them.

Two strollers. Pretty much every parent knows that they need a stroller. However, the reason why we feel it’s important to get two of them is because sometimes the “super industrial one” can get to be really hard to carry around. By having an additional lightweight one as well, you can have it in the car at all times when you’re simply taking your child out to get some milk or to the post office.

Baby swing. Just about any mom will tell you that an absolute lifesaver is a baby swing. It’s the perfect item to keep your baby occupied while you are dusting or washing dishes. Although there are a variety of swings to choose from, the one that we recommend is the Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing because it comes to its own music, three swing positions and it has a plug-in option that can help you to save money on batteries.

Some items for mom. It’s pretty easy for people to forget about some of the things that mom needs but it’s definitely a good idea to list a few things such as a baby bag (that looks more like a purse), a few nursing bras, some comfortable nightgowns and also a couple of nursing pillows. Oh, and if you happen to see some comfy jogging suits or pampering items, don’t hesitate to add them too. After all, if mom is feeling good, energized and well-prepared, it can only be better for the baby’s health and well-being, which means it’s time and money well spent!

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