5 Unique Gifts for Moms-to-Be

Whether you are going to a baby shower or you are looking for a quick, but unique gift for a mother-to-be, you have to keep some special considerations in mind. Anything can be a great gift for a mom-to-be, provided that it can benefit her during the last few months of pregnancy and even during the first year of her newborn’s life. If the gift you get the mother-to-be lasts even longer – even better. So, what are you going to get that special woman in your life that is going to bring another life into this world? Here are 5 unique gifts for moms-to-be.

  1. Hand-made baby crib mobile. Chances are that if you go to a toy store you are going to find the same, boring plastic baby crib mobile – often made of cheap materials and that make loud, annoying sounds. However, if you are looking for a gift to give, you could just as easily make a baby crib mobile yourself. Not only do mobiles occupy babies and encourage their imaginations while they are in their cribs, but they can also be a nice aesthetic touch to a nursery.
  2. Vintage nightlights. Chances are that the mom-to-be will be waking up every fifteen minutes during the night during the first few months of her baby’s life. This is why nightlights are so important, because they can guide the mother safely in the darkness to the crib, to the kitchen or anywhere else in the house. Not only that, but nightlights can be comforting for a newborn – the first few days of life can be disorienting and confusing. A nightlight will at least allow the baby to get accustomed to the surroundings – no one likes to wake up in pitch darkness, not even newborns.
  3. A mural or painting. Your child’s nursery is an important environment in the first few days, months, years of a baby’s life. If you have an artistic inclination, why not paint something on the wall of the nursery or even somewhere else in the house. If you don’t have the artistic inclination, you could hire a special artist and commission them to paint something spectacular. If you want to make it a surprise, you could paint something on a canvas and have it framed.
  4. Cord blood banking. Cord blood is quickly rising in popularity among new parents, because the blood extracted from the umbilical cord and placenta is rife with cells that can cure a number of genetic and degenerative disorders and diseases. If you are looking for an incredibly unique gift, why not get the mom-to-be a certification from a California cryobank center? The certificate could include the banking fees and maybe even a few years of storage.
  5. Blankets. When it comes to motherhood, you can never have too many blankets. Mothers need blankets to keep baby warm and momma too. Not only that, but blankets make a great keepsake that the mom-to-be can hold on to for a few generations.

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