5 Historical Gift Ideas for Collectors

If you’ve got a passionate collector of historical items in your life, shopping for a birthday or anniversary can be a bit tricky. You definitely aren’t going to find something that will make it onto one of those ‘top gift lists’ that come out every year, nor are you likely to come across any solid options at the Apple Store or the local Best Buy. If you really want to make your history collector happy you are going to have to get a bit creative, and that means hours of research. Luckily, there are some go-to options that should be well received regardless of the extent of that person’s collection. Here are five historical gift ideas for collectors that hopefully would each be a huge hit.

First and foremost, you should always be able to come up with a fitting non-fiction book. The quality of historical writing out there is incredible these days, and with every passing year you’ll find new publications covering sections of history or crucial figures that haven’t been properly detailed before. You can definitely start your hunt by looking over the websites of the major book chains, but you might want to give some independent shops a try. You’ll find some stores that specialize in historical content, or even some that have rare editions you won’t find anywhere else.

Depending on the age and the temperament of your beloved collector, you might want to think about tracking down some figurines. These aren’t toys or dolls, so don’t get turned off by the idea. There are collectible figurines available that deal with many of the crucial moments in history. Most of the major American wars have figuring sets, but some of the best options have nothing to do with a conflict. There are collections that include historical buildings or national parks as well.

Another great option is tracking down a reproduction of an antique map. You will have to do a bit of shopping, especially at specialty map stores, book stores that deal with used or classic titles and gift shops in museums. Depending on the mapmaker each reproduction will be both historically accurate and absolutely gorgeous. A framed map makes an incredible gift, and will be well received.

If the person you are shopping for prefers to see his history up close and personal, think about scheduling a visit to the location of a classic battle. Many of the battlefields from huge conflicts in U.S. history are available to visit, and aren’t expensive at all. You could add on to the battlefield fee with some maps or a book that covers the battle, and maybe even a stay at a local hotel. Look into the availability of self-guided tours, as many battlefields also offer up audio gear so you can immerse yourself in that incredible moment in history.

If you’ve struck out on or find yourself shopping at the last minute, you might get away with a good find at a local movie store. There are some incredible documentary series that focus on historic events. Look for anything that Ken Burns has made, but he’s only one of the talented historians working in film. Try to find a set that comes in some nice packaging or includes a collectible booklet so it is truly a collector’s item.

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