Practical Presents for Outdoorsy Types

As we enter a new year, if you’re struggling for a gift for your outdoorsy friend, worry not. We’ve compiled a list of all the best things your loved one lusts after but will never buy for themselves.

Leatherman Multi Tool

As someone who probably doesn’t spend a lot of time outdoors, you’re probably thinking ‘what the hell is a multi-tool?’ Stealthily combining eighteen tools into one beautifully designed multi-tool, even a indoor type like yourself can’t help but wonder at a Leatherman multi-tool. Forget Swiss Army knives, this is where it’s at. Whether you need pliers, scissors or a bottle opener, your problems are solved.

North Face Jacket

If your loved one is forever outdoors, then they’ll love this idea. The North Face Nuptse 2 jacket from E-Outdoor is designed for professional athletes, so you know it’s got to be good. With goose down, double layer taffeta and elastic cuffs, this jacket is windproof, waterproof and ready for extreme temperatures. Expect to never hear them complain about the cold again.

Designer Drinks

Another thing that will help with the cold is a good drink. Whether you opt for a hip flask or a big tea flask, make sure it looks just as good as it tastes. Ted Baker has a beautiful hip flask with a stag design that would be perfect for someone with a love of the Scottish highlands. Orla Kiely has a picnic flask in a pretty pattern that will have your loved one wanting to go on picnics all day long.


Camping trips, especially in Britain, often end up pouring with rain. So if you think your loved one really needs something to keep them and their belongings dry, then there are a whole variety of different things that you could buy them. A waterproof tablet, phone or camera case will make anyone’s day by offering peace of mind. No more will they worry about their tech getting wet!

Camping Cook Book

If your loved one is forever going camping, but lamenting the loss of good food, then fear not. You can solve all their problems by simply buying them a camping cook book. Better yet, a survival book will mean that they’ll know what food they can eat in the event of an emergency.

So, there you have a range of gifts for the adventurous type in your life.

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