5 Great Holiday Health and Beauty Gifts for Moms

Whether you’re looking for a special gift for your own mother, you’d like to give the mother of your children a well-deserved present, or the kids need some help putting together a suitable gift for their mom, there are plenty of ways to show appreciation for that special lady in your life when the holidays roll around. And since she’ll probably be distracted by decorating the house, checking off items on her holiday shopping list, and baking up a storm to prepare for visits from family and friends, you should have no trouble surprising her with some truly spectacular gifts. Although she probably purchases a lot of health and beauty products on her own, you can try to find some luxury items that she just won’t splurge on for herself, or come up with ideas that she’s sure to love. Here are a few possible gifts that could help to inspire you.

  1. Bath sets. If the lady in your life finds escape in a steamy tub of water, then add some pizzazz to her regular routine with a bath set that includes bubbles, salts, or oil beads, as well as scrubs and lotions that will leave her skin soft, refreshed, and smelling great.
  2. Fitness classes. If mom is always talking about getting in shape, getting healthy, or losing a few pounds, why not give her the knowledge and skills she needs to meet her goals by setting her up with a professional? Most of us know that we should be exercising and eating right, but this is easier said than done. And without someone to help us get started, we might not ever take the plunge. So if mom has been feeling miserable, help to give her a health makeover that will turn her frown upside down with a series of fitness classes. And if de-stressing is a must, make it a holistic practice like yoga or Pilates. Or if she’s already hitting the gym but she’s still have trouble reaching her fitness goals, consider paying for a few sessions with a nutrition counselor. Worried that she’ll get the wrong idea (like you’re criticizing her looks)? Sign up to join her.
  3. A gift certificate for her favorite beauty counter. Whether she loves Lancome´me, L’Occitane, Clinique, or Chanel, there are likely a few high-priced beauty items that she won’t buy for herself. But with a gift card she can feel free to splurge a bit on a lotion or cosmetic item that has been on her wish list for a while (but out of her comfort zone where the budget is concerned). Not sure what she’s into? Check out her stash in the medicine cabinet or ask her girlfriends for hints – they can no doubt pry the information out of her without letting on that they’re fishing for gift ideas.
  4. A spa bathroom makeover. If you’re really gung ho to get the mom in your life a special gift and you’ve got some money to spend, a beautiful spa bathroom makeover could provide her with a one-of-a-kind retreat she can use year-round. Moms are notoriously stressed, so creating a sanctuary within her own home is perhaps the greatest gift you can give.
  5. Spa treatments. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the price tag attached to creating a spa-like environment at home, in which case finding the best massage in Lexington or Los Angeles could be a good second choice. A day of pampering that includes a massage, facial, mani-pedi, or other calming treatments can give any mom the rest and relaxation she needs to return home totally rejuvenated and ready to face the mayhem of the holidays.

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