5 Great Engraved Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Engraving can be a great way to personalize a great gift. Why give a card, when you can say what you have to say on the actual gift itself. Moreover, engraving isn’t exclusively relegated to jewelry – anything can be engraved if it has meaning within a certain context. If you are thinking of getting a gift for your wife, engraving an item can be a great way to tell her that you love her and always will. No matter if it is your first year anniversary of your fiftieth, nothing says I love you like “I love you” engraved in a wonderful keepsake that she will cherish forever. And with the advancements of lasers, like the trotec laser, engraving has never been easier and more cost effective. Here are five great engraved gift ideas.

  1. A ring. This is quite possibly the most popular engraved gift idea, but there is certainly a reason for this. A ring is a simple way to say I love you in a powerful way. No matter if it is diamond, platinum or has other rare stones and gems, there is always a place inside the ring to say something short, sweet and special.
  2. A charm bracelet. This is another popular, but powerful gift to express your love and devotion. A charm bracelet is typically made up of number of different charms that hang delicately off the bracelet chain. However, instead of having the traditional charms, you may want to have charms with little engravings – perhaps listing all the reasons for your undying love. If you have been with your wife for a long time and you are celebrating a big anniversary, this can be a great statement piece that will really take her breath away.
  3. A necklace. An engraved necklace is the perfect gift because it can be so versatile. Also, you can go big, small or whatever you want. Also, with an engraved necklace, you can go big or small depending on what you want to say. You can also go the locket route and engrave something that can be only read if you open the locket. Regardless, this can be a great gift for any anniversary or birthday.
  4. A frame. If you were just married, taking a photograph from your wedding, or from the first couple of months when you were dating, and placing it in a frame with a specially engraved message around it can be a really touching testament to your marriage and love. If you want to tell your wife that you are eternally devoted, a frame can be a great way to say exactly how you feel.
  5. A portable music player. An engraved personal music player can be a great way to say ‘I love you’ to your wife. If it isn’t your anniversary or a special day and you know that your wife loves music, this can be the perfect surprise gift. You can either get the item engraved by the manufacturer or you can take it to a professional engraver near you.

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