The Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Craft Loving Friends

Well, all have that one friend who loves to make things. They’re always so energetic when they’ve got themselves deep in a little personal project of theirs. The type that are more practical than technologically minded.

Say they’ve got a birthday or special event coming up. What do you get them?

Why not fuel their creativity with a few of these gift ideas?


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Sewing Materials

Nobody with dexterous hands can resist a little bit of sewing. An age-old art form. Used for thousands of years.

A sewing needle, some thread, and a few scraps of material might be all you need to keep them entertained. If they’re the type to need a little bit of order though, you can get kits so they can make a specific design.

The principles of sewing extend to other crafts, even if most of the equipment does not. Crocheting and knitting are similar, but different. They employ general practices and methods similar to sewing, but they end products they produce are totally different.

Jewellery Making Kits

While you can’t make jewellery from scratch without an expensive kiln set up, you can still get kits that allow for some basic jewellery design.

Throw that in with some marking tools and they can make engraved and personalized jewellery. You might get lucky and have a piece back as a gift.

Painting Lessons

Not strictly a craft, but close enough. If they’ve already exhausted themselves making assorted bits and bobs over the years, introduce them to something more relaxing.

Nothing is calmer than a brush stroke on canvas. Painting comes natural to some people, but not to others. It’s always good to get some help to bring out any inner talent with painting.

Not only can you start your friend off with the tools to begin to paint, but you can also get them classes. You could even share the experience with them and make painting class a regular little shared event during your week.

Pottery Materials

The messiest of the crafts, but overwhelmingly one of the most fun. It’s not for the uninitiated though. Some serious time and effort need to be put into getting this right.

Before anything else, make sure your friend has had a few lessons in pottery. If not, that can be your birthday gift this year, followed by bags of clay and a pottery wheel the next.

Pottery is for people who really like getting their hands stuck into a craft. If you’ve seen videos of potters in action, you’ll be able to see why. It’s a real show when you see a professional do it.

Gardening Tools

Yes, gardening is as much a craft exercise as anything else. In fact moreso in a lot of ways. If your gift recipient has a fairly sizable if dull garden, why not give them a little nudge to doing something about that? A little bit of a clean up can’t hurt.

A trowel and a few sprouted flowers should be enough to get them started. A green thumb can develop easily on its own.

Whatever you chose, just make sure their interests align with the gift. Else they’ll be asking you for the receipt.

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