Fantastic House Warming Gifts That Are Sure To A Hit

People expect gifts for every occasion these days and yes, that includes moving into a new home. If you know someone who has just bought a house, you are expected to buy them a little housewarming present. You certainly should if they are throwing a housewarming party! But the question then becomes what you should buy. You don’t want to get a boring gift and you certainly don’t want to buy something that everyone else is going to get. There are only so many different places you can use a welcome home mat! So here are some of our best ideas on what to get the new home owner.

The Night They Brought Champagne

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After all, someone should toast the new home. If you want our top tip pop around in the evening on Friday night with this lovely gift. Don’t bother wrapping it up and they may invite you in, to share it with them. Then, you can say a lovely toast about how you wish them many happy years in their new home. Just be careful how much you drink as the last thing you want is to spill a glass on their new hardwood floors. That won’t earn you another visit.

The Gift Of The Magi

Low on cash this year? That’s alright; you can still give the new homeowner a great gift. You can offer to help them move in. This might improve repainting the walls or cleaning the place from top to bottom. So, you might want to be careful about this one. You could always give them the gift of a lovely piece of furniture instead. A coffee table is sure to be a hit because it will centre their living room perfectly. Then again, these are expensive. Back to the help idea it is then.

A Gift Of The Season

A lot of homeowners move in during the winter. This is because it’s often when houses are incredibly cheap and easy to buy as well as afford. So, perhaps you’ll get them a lovely festive present for their home. The traditional gift would probably be a couple gorgeous Christmas wreaths to hang on their doors. But you could also consider buying an ornament for the tree or a small interior decoration. You can even get one that’s custom made.

Gift Wrapping A Meal

Nothing says welcome home like a lovingly made lasagne. This is the perfect gift if you’re the new next door neighbour and a nice icebreaker. Again time the handing of the gift right and you could find yourself being welcomed in to share a delicious meal with your new Tim or Wilson. Of course, it doesn’t have to be lasagne. We recommend either making something that you know has gone down a treat before, or something quick and easy. It’s your choice.

The Gift Of A Great Evening

Finally, if you are the next door neighbour, don’t wait for them to invite you around. Invite them around and get your new relationship off to a running start. This counts as a wonderful gift, and it will certainly make them feel like they made the right choice choosing their new home.

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