Essential Gift Ideas For Home Cinema Lovers

If your partner loves nothing more than sitting back on the sofa and taking in the latest sport, movies and TV shows, then you have come to the right place. Home cinema lovers are very particular about what they use, and the subject can draw out a lot of passion. However, they can be difficult to buy for if you find the whole home cinema world impenetrable. Which, in effect is why we created this guide.

We’ll show you some of the things you should think about if your partner is a home theatre buff. With any luck, if you get any of these as a gift, they will be met with smiles and joy. Rather than the usual fake 'thank you's, followed a week later with a trip down to Currys to change them for something better. Let’s get stuck in and reveal the perfect prezzies for home cinema lovers.


A cinema seat

First of all, no system will be complete without the correct seating. We don’t want to cast aspersions, but your typical home cinema lover will need somewhere comfortable. Very comfortable, in fact. It will also need to be sturdy, and, perhaps, even have a vibration feature. So, we’ve had a look around and identified what you need. It’s simple, really. A La-z-Boy recliner, complete with leather seats is your ultimate cinema chair. Top that up with a couple of Bass Shakers for realistic vibrations, and your partner will be chuffed to bits.

A screen

Now, let’s get on with the important stuff. Your partner will be looking at the ultimate, razor-sharp screen that reproduces colours correctly. It will need an excellent viewing angle. Also, think about motion technology so that the pictures don’t blur when there are sudden movements onscreen. This is especially important if you are watching sport. Now, you could get a TV - a 4K Ultra HD is the latest thing to have. But, an alternative is to look into HD projectors. They can produce a picture far bigger than a standard TV and makes the viewing experience much more cinematic.

A sound system

If your partner is already happy with their screen and seating, think about sounds. As great as the pictures are on modern TVs, they just aren’t as good when it comes to audio quality. So, you’ll need to find some great equipment to give the ears as much of a great experience as the eyes have. Assuming you already have a Bass Shaker or another type of bass bin, you’ll need a bare minimum of a 5.1 sound system. That means one bass speaker, with two speakers set up behind the TV, and behind the viewer. That will be enough to pick up the spectacular sound you hear on HD movies and sport.

A Sky TV package

We thought long and hard about this but have decided to plump for a Sky TV package. It’s just about the best in terms of current movies and sport, and it also has a lot of excellent TV output. There are cheaper options, and alternatives, of course. But if you are looking for an all-around TV package, then Sky is hard to beat. Especially if your partner enjoys watching sport and movies in 3D.

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